5 Ways to Stress-Less This Holiday Season


1. Move your body-A short burst of movement can help the body combat stress by releasing feel-good hormones and decreasing cortisol production. Mood-boosting benefits can be felt at the onset of movement, so even a mini round of jumping jacks, stair climbing, or dancing lightens disposition.Gratification in 10 minutes or less! YES PLEASE!

2. Keep it Simple-Living in a consumer culture we are taught at an early age that we must consume constantly.The holiday season is hyped to the max with this message. It’s part of the stress of the season “finding that perfect gift” for the ones we love.While receiving gifts is nice…..Do we really need more stuff????? It’s funny that as I have gotten older I don’t really want more stuff. What I really want are wonderful memories with those I love!

3. Practice being Present-Your Presence means more to your loved ones than any present will.This Holiday Season check out of your digital world and plug back into your family.Growing up my family always played Scattegories on Christmas Day. The warm memories of being present with my family have outlasted any present I have ever received.

4. Create Healthy Boundaries- We can’t be everything to everyone especially during the holiday season! It’s during this time of year there are so many holiday parties and gatherings for work, school plays and performances, holiday shows, holiday lights and holiday nights......ahhhhhhhhhhh! I'm stressed just thinking about all the invites. We can’t do everything no matter how hard we try. Checking in with yourself and seeing what you actually have energy to commit to is a good practice.Part of creating boundaries is setting realistic expectations for yourself because overcommitting is at its worst during the holidays. It’s ok to say No. Repeat after me “NO” See that wasn’t bad 😉 Setting boundaries and safe guarding your energy will ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of December. Prioritize the things and events that you want to do this year and say No to the rest.

5. Rest is Best-Rest is such a under utilized healing super power. To me this is the reason of the season. To slow down be intentional, get grounded, and recharge. The holidays are a time for rest. It’s time to step out of our fast paced life and slow down. Instead of hustling and bustling around in the frantic palpable energy of this season we can slow down and prioritize rest. Rest looks like no plans...mid day naps....chilling in your pj's...slow mornings…..early nights. Remember we are human beings not human doings.

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