Is Your Piriformis causing Hip and Low Back Pain?

Do you have tight hips, sciatica, or low back pain? Your pain and tightness could be caused by the Piriformis muscle, a small but powerful muscle located underneath the Gluteals (butt muscles).  This muscle attaches at the low back, wraps around to the femur and innervates with the sciatic nerve.   Tightness can cause impingement between the Gluteals and the piriformis causing a sciatic- like pain called "piriformis syndrome."

What can you do to prevent or treat piriformis tightness naturally?   Stretching is always a great solution!   Our massage therapist Melissa Merritt shows you how to do a simple stretch that you can do anywhere there is a chair.   This is a great option for those who work long hours at a desk, sitting, and are time limited.   Please make sure you do not over stretch, if there is pain, please stop.   With anything, consistency is always better than a one and done, so try integrating stretching into a daily, or regular routine.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a massage to get specific stretches for you please contact the office by phone or email.

_Melissa Merritt