Nervous System Dysregulation

Are your kids in a constant state of nervous system dysregulation?

Dysregulation looks like:

????Constantly being on edge and overwhelmed
????Frequently irritable, snappy and reactive
????Sensitive to sensory stimuli
????Chronic illness
????Sleep problems
????Attention and concentration problems

The health of your nervous system can affect your little ones quality of life on a day-to-day basis, and the earlier they begin to heal, the better.

Unfortunately, the amount of stress we're under in today's society means that, often, that fight or flight response gets locked on and doesn’t shut off. Our stressed brain communicates to the body that there is danger, leaving us in an ongoing state of tension.

While fight or flight can help us survive when actual danger occurs, it can also cause unnecessary panic symptoms when no clear danger is present.

Chiropractic adjustments help rebalance your child’s nervous system so that we're removing that exacerbated fight or flight input, allowing their body to get back to a more normal restful state.

Other solutions for dysregulation are:
????Time in Nature
????Creek Play
????Singing & Dancing
????Slow Deep Breaths
????Body Movement

What would it feel like if your kiddo wasn’t overly reacting to stress?

That’s possible for your family with regular chiropractic care! ????