Self Care Commitments

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When you look at what's going on in the world it can be hard not to become overwhelmed and over stimulated.

 We want to change so much of what’s going on but truly the only change that we can make is within ourselves.  We tend to think of change as this really difficult thing but true change comes in the small steps and tiny moments.

For example  when you are on a journey to lose weight you do not expect to lose all the weight at once, you know that weight loss comes one pound at a time.

 We change our lives one day at a time and one habit at a time.

Think about the changes you want to make in your life occurring at the same kind of pace.

 Have you made any commitments to yourself this year?  

We wanted to share our self care commitments with you to inspire you to make a commitment to yourself.  Remember the only change that you can make is within yourself.

Dr. Katrina

This year my commitment to myself is to have more body movement as part of my daily routine.  Moving my body helps to release stress and tension in my body as well as calm and relax my mind.  It helps me to feel better overall which is why I want more of it in my life. As a mom it can be hard to fit this into my day but even if I only have 10 minutes for movement I consider that a win. I'm also committed to a daily mindset practice that involves journaling and meditation.  In today's world I have noticed that I need to be more grounded. These two practices help me to stay solid in my foundation and live a fuller, happier and more grounded life.


This year my focus is on mental health and creative expression. I'm working on accepting the spectrum of emotions from anxiety to joy and to appreciate the little everyday moments. I want to incorporate meditation more in my life weather that's through nature, traditional mediation or journaling. I'm also choosing to focus on creative outlets as a means to connect with my inner self through all things art and self expression. I'm making time for more of the things i love; photography , writing and sewing.

Dr. Nick

Having two girls under the age of 2, I have made a commitment to giving myself personal time. This often falls during nap time, but regardless of how much laundry needs to be done , errands need to be run, or prepping for the the week ahead , I have promised myself 30 minutes of me times. Sometimes this looks like reading a book, taking an extra long shower, or even just sitting in peace and quiet. I've realized this helps fill my cup which gives me the support to help fill my girls cups.

I have also committed to getting outside and connecting with the outside world. We've spent too much time inside and regardless of all the craziness; I want our family to be able to explore, connect, and enjoy the world we live in.


For 2021 I decided to make a commitment to myself and focus on my health by eating more consciously switching a glass of wine or a beer for a yummy tea or warm coconut milk with cardamom & honey at night .  I'm also implementing both a morning, afternoon and night time routine of meditation, dance, stretching or exercise.

In 2020 I recognized that I was struggling a lot more with body aches and pains that are connected to unhealthy habits . Lack of movement created a lot of stiffness and tightness in my joints. Creating a consistent routine for myself like walking a short trail in the afternoon and starting my morning with conscious stretching and breathing I'm already beginning to feel a change in my overall mood and I've noticed that the tightness in my joints are beginning to loosen up . Lastly I'm being sure that I'm gentle with myself if I don't do it because I can always try again tomorrow.

If you are interested in any of our practices send  us an email and we will share more of what we do to help care for ourselves.

Do you have self care practices ?

We’d love to hear what you are doing to care for yourself.