Summer Recipes

Food is at the center of our lives.

I am always thinking of what our next meal will be: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, it’s pretty much the forefront of everyday planning. I have been cooking and eating at home more in the last few months and it’s exhausting getting creative in the kitchen EVERYDAY. There are some days I feel inspired, full of energy and time but mostly its me trying to figure out the fastest way to have a delicious, fresh meal. I think most of my women friends are in the same boat, which is apparent during lunch. Lunch time in our break room is a combination of smells, culture and conversation showcasing the importance of food in our lives. We like to see what each of us brings, the story on the dish, and often share recipes and bring some to share.

Food is so much more than just something to eat, it’s a way to connect and learn about each other. Here is a recipe from each of us that’s quick, delicious, and fresh from our hearts to yours.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day .. that’s what they say anyway . Melissa has a great twist on a breakfast staple Oatmeal .
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If you love spicy foods here’s a recipe from Jennifer .  Pikliz is a condiment in Haitian cuisine of pickled cabbage, carrots, onions and Scotch bonnet peppers and pickled in white vinegar. The spicy dish is very commonly served on the table and can be added on  any dish to enhance the flavor.
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Who doesn’t love a quick and easy side dish for dinner? Dr. Katrina has a delicious Asian Inspired recipe for long beans/green beans .
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You can’t have a summer recipes with out breaking out the grill. Dr. Nick’s summer go to’s is a roasted corn salad
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